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C.H. Robinson

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Do You Need More Time to Enjoy Life?

Your time is precious and you can’t buy or make more.  You get 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year.  That’s it.  And the older you get, the more apparent it becomes that you are continuously coming up short on time.  Do you lack time for family, friends, for hobbies or travel?  All of your time constraints may be causing you to ask:

“Am I living the life I want?”

Our top priority at Summit Wealth Advocates (SWA) is to give you back one of the assets you value most: Your Time.  We do this by allowing you to leverage our knowledge and expertise.  We assist you with your many financial responsibilities and allow you to utilize our experience and team of experts, reducing or eliminating time constraints and the stress you face on a daily basis.  In essence, we become your family’s Chief Financial Officer.

So perhaps you've come to realize you need a financial advisor or are possibly looking to replace an existing advisor.  We understand that selecting an advisor is not an easy task.  We recommend that you begin with a standard questionnaire for your initial advisor screening.  To help you  evaluate Summit Wealth Advocates, we have completed the questionnaire for you.

Our Services

Investment Management

Our first duty is to preserve our clients’ wealth and our second is to thoughtfully enhance and develop it.  We offer strategic, passive portfolios with institutional level investments, designed to achieve your goals.


Peak Wealth Management

We offer a fully integrated Wealth Management Strategy that includes: Retirement Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Tax Asset Class Investing, Multi-Year Tax Minimization Strategies, Insurance Analysis and Risk Management Strategies, and Estate & Trust Planning.




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