Our advisors, Bruce and Jon, have been working with families in all Phases of life for over 20 years.  Given our extensive experience, we have developed a process that allows us to focus our efforts on each client’s specific situation, all dependent on which Phase of life they are currently experiencing:

Phase I: “Base Camp” – Growth & Accumulation Phase

Individuals and families in the initial phase of life are dealing with a variety of unfamiliar financial concerns.  Thus the reason you must establish a good “base camp” from which to travel through life.  Clients in Phase I typically deal with specific matters such as:

  • Creating a financial strategy that outlines the specific financial goals you are looking to accomplish
  • Learning to live within your means and saving moderately to aggressively
  • Establishing an emergency fund containing 3 to 6 months of lifestyle needs
  • Properly leveraging employer benefits
  • Pre-qualifying for your first home purchase and structuring that purchase appropriately
  • Capitalizing on low to moderate income tax brackets by designing a multi-year tax minimization strategy
  • Properly protecting your family with an appropriate insurance coverage platform
  • Designing and implementing an estate plan (wills) for a young family

Phase II:  "The Ascent" - Protection, Diversification & Tax Minimization Phase

As individuals and families mature and begin their ascent into Page II of life, you naturally begin to experience the following issues:

  • Maximizing savings opportunities as you approach your peak wealth generation years
  • Transitioning from an aggressive investment portfolio to a more balanced and globally diversified portfolio
  • Considering the purchase of a second home or rental real estate
  • Reviewing insurance coverage and deliberating increasing risk levels to reduce premium costs
  • Contemplating the need for trusts versus wills, to avoid probate
  • Pondering the benefits of starting your own business

Phase III: “The Pinnacle” – Financial Security (Retirement) Phase

Financial Security means something different for everyone. Those in Phase III typically contend with:

  • Determining whether this phase of life entails working full-time, part-time or not at all
  • The “staging” of your portfolio to focus more on cash flow generation and principal protection
  • Reviewing all insurance coverage to determine the necessity of it, as well as the appropriate level for each type
  • Deciding whether to downsize your current home and the potential purchase of one or more retirement homes
  • Developing strategies to help clients maximize the Social Security benefits they receive over their lifetime
  • Considering the benefits of trusts and whether charity will play a role in your estate plan

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