Members of the SWA team have been working with C.H. Robinson employees since 2001. While We don’t work exclusively with Robinson employees (current or former), we have developed an expertise in:

  • Designing a blueprint to help our clients plan for life after Robinson.
  • Managing a client’s entire nest egg with an eye towards reducing taxes paid and potentially improving long-term performance on all dollars invested, over the rest of their lives.
  • Evaluating Robinson’s employee benefits and how our clients can best leverage those benefits over their employment. These benefits include the 401(k) plan, company stock and stock options, life and disability insurance and health insurance, plus the flex spending account.
  • Developing a strategy to potentially reduce the income taxes our Robinson clients pay over the long term.
  • Assessing and reducing risk using low cost insurance solutions.
  • Understanding our client’s goals for their wealth, and how they want that wealth passed down to their children or charity.
  • Identifying a client’s desire to educate their children or grandchildren and creating a plan to achieve that goal.
  • Reviewing client mortgage / debt and recommending strategies to reduce it.

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