Phase I: “Base Camp” – Growth & Accumulation Phase

Individuals and families in the initial phase of life are dealing with a variety of unfamiliar financial concerns.  Thus the reason you must establish a good “base camp” from which to travel through life.  Clients in Phase I typically deal with specific matters such as:

  • Creating a financial strategy that outlines the specific financial goals you are looking to accomplish
  • Learning to live within your means and saving moderately to aggressively
  • Establishing an emergency fund containing 3 to 6 months of lifestyle needs
  • Properly leveraging employer benefits
  • Pre-qualifying for your first home purchase and structuring that purchase appropriately
  • Capitalizing on low to moderate income tax brackets by designing a multi-year tax reduction strategy
  • Properly protecting your family with an appropriate insurance coverage platform
  • Designing and implementing an estate plan (wills) for a young family