PEAK WEALTH MANAGEMENT PROCESS – Our process for creating a plan for every stage of your financial life. Financial planning, unfortunately, is not intuitive. Many times what seems to be the logical thing to do today is the total opposite of what you should do for the long term. The total impact of many decisions take years to unfold. Add to that, one retirement decision could involve multiple financial areas, including investment, tax, insurance and estate.

Our Peak Wealth Management Process takes you seamlessly from one phase to the next. Not so intuitive is the fact that what you do today will impact your financial situation years down the road. There will be some happy detours along the way, such as marriage, children, grandchildren, or job change, as well as some not some not so happy detours such as death of a loved one. Needs vary and there is no cookie cutter approach that you can turn to. Whether you are just starting to begin your ascent or have reached the summit, we can help.

A detailed planning process is the best way to help you establish financial security. Once we get to know you we can begin to develop a dynamic plan that will meet your immediate needs and goals while adjusting for changes in your professional and social life down the road. We are in it together for the long haul.

So what are the steps?

   1) Introductory Meeting

This is the first part of establishing a fruitful partnership, so be prepared! In this phase we will identify your goals, priorities, preferences, as well as potential obstacles. Along with this, we will mutually establish what your expectations are for us and whether an ongoing partnership is the right fit.

  2) Exploration Phase

Based on our introductory meeting, we now want to take a deeper dive into your situation. During this session we can begin to sketch a preliminary plan as we engage in a more comprehensive discussion about your personal and financial goals. The more open this phase is, the more detailed our plan can be.

  3) Detailed Planning

Now it is time to set you up with a plan. Based on the prior discussions, we can deliver an easy to follow roadmap that will lead you towards your financial goals. We will specifically address the areas that are of greatest importance to you: retirement savings, early investment options, risk management, insurance, first time home ownership, estate planning, and detail the steps needed to conquer each obstacle.

  4) Ongoing Aid and Advice

Your priorities and goals will inevitably shift through time which is why we are here to proactively prepare your plan. We embrace change. As your life circumstances facilitate a different approach to financial planning, wealth management, and savings options, we will be a constant presence to ensure that your plan transitions along with you.